Sewing Pattern Tracing Wheel and Paper Included 1940s Bakelite

$10.00 USD


Product Description

A wonderful old vintage Bakelite handled Tracing Wheel. This was possibly made by Traum tho there is no logo or manufacturer on it. Just looks exactly like theirs. It has a flared handle for comfort in butterscotch Bakelite with a steel wheel. The wheel has a seam guide as part of it. It is 6 ¾” long and possibly made in the late 1940’s. It is not rusty or damaged in any way but was used. Do you still use tracing paper these days? I have some of that, too! And it is shown with this wheel! It is from Woolworth and contains the original 3 sheets of paper for 40 cents! One of the sheets has a piece cut out of it but in the envelope is a small piece that I will include. Tracing paper envelope is torn and falling apart.

The Bakelite Tracing Wheel alone is a nice vintage sewing notion; with the tracing paper you get a really nice set for any collector of vintage sewing items!

Sewing Pattern Tracing Wheel and Paper Included 1940s Bakelite

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