Item collection 5778274 original

Sewing Pattern Tracing Wheel and Paper Included 1940s Bakelite


Item collection 4881013 original

Uncut 1983 Simplicity Pullover Dress with Sash Pattern


Item collection 4880280 original

Uncut 1983 McCall's Pattern Coat Dress Shirt Jacket or Jumper for 6 Different Views


Item collection 4989070 original

Smiley Face Original Retro Buttons from the 1960s


Item collection 5444949 original

Destash for Crafts Projects Collage Vintage 1960s Childrens Domino Cards


Eau Pleine Vintage Shop

An Eclectic Selection Of Vintage and Newer Treasures!

Welcome to my Eau Pleine Vintage Shop that is located along the Eau Pleine Flowage in Central Wisconsin! It is stocked with lots of wonderful Vintage items such as china, needlework, Holiday things, toys and many unusual, can't be found anywhere else STUFF! I also sell supplies that can be new or vintage.